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 02-07-2018 to 04-07-2018 '04 Day Workshop to prepare Master Trainers for class IX ENGLISH' for TGTs (English) - CHANDIGARH & DELHI, GURUGRAM, DEHRADUN & JAMMU REGION




Dates of In-Service Courses

PGTs(HINDI) First Spell :

17-05-17 to 28-05-17.


04-08-17 to 24-08-17


01-11-17 to 21-11-17

PGTs(HINDI) Second Spell:

24-12-17 to 02-01-18.

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 Training Programme Wise List of Participants


1. Orientation of PICs & ACs for  CPPDPT
2.  Hands On  Experiments in  Maths & Science
3.  Orientation Programme – PGTs & TGTs Hindi In Service Courses
4.  Orientation  Programme – PRTs In Service Courses
5.  Inservice Course for PGTs Hindi (First Spell )
6.  Workshop for principals on Financial Proceeding - Phase Three
7.  Workshop for principals  on Financial Proceeding - Phase Four
8.  Workshop on Open Souirce GEOGEBRA
9.  Workshop on Integrated Teaching Approach
10. Workshop on Integrating Creativity and innovation through classroom teaching
11.Role of Librarians in 21st Century
12. In Service Course for PRTs Music
13. Workshop on Web designing for PGT Computer Science
14. Workshop on Rajbhasha for Assistants
15.Workshop on Identifying difficult areas & suitable instructional strategies  & Question Bank for PGTs Bio.
16.Workshop on NPS & Retirement Benefits for Assistants
17.Workshop on Set up of Digital Libraries by GSDLfor Librarians
18. Workshop on Managing Diversities in the Classrooms for PRTs
19. In Service Course for TGTs Art Education
20. Workshop on Difficult Areas Class XI & XII  for PGTs Maths
21. Workshop on Item Writing for TGTs Hindi
22. Workshop on 'Understanding Chemical Elements' for TGTs Science
23. Workshop on Developing Communication Skills for PRTs
24. Workshop on Integrated Libraries in the Class rooms for PRTs
25. In Service Course for PGTs Hindi (Second Spell)
26. Workshop on Developing Communication Skills for TGTs English
27. Workshop on Maths Lab activities for TGTs Maths 
28. Workshopn on Nurturing Scientific Temperament @ Elementary Level for PRTs
29. In Service Course for Librarians
30. Workshop on Rajbhasha
The end-product of education should be a free creative man, who can battle against historical circumstances and adversities of nature. – “Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan